"Thousands Of Couples Could Be Reunited – But Most Never Find Out How"

By Joshua Stone

Have you recently lost a lover? Has your relationship suddenly ended? Or are you, perhaps, desperately in love with someone, but that person is happily with somebody else, or just seems unaware of your existance?

It's agonizing, isn't it? Every time you think of what could have been, or what could be, your stomache ties itself in knots. The feeling of total and utter desperation grips you like a vice.

You search every corner of your mind desperately asking yourself the questions... Why has this happened to me? What must I do for us to be together?

You've Tried Everything...

Sending flowers and poetry. Tearful night time phone calls. Getting your best friend to try some smooth talking.

You've written letters pages and pages long explaining how you feel. Explaining how if only you could give it one more try, this time things would be different. Perhaps you even threatened suicide, and meant it.

Maybe you've searched the internet for ways of getting back together. Perhaps you've even bought a book or two that claims to be able to fix any relationship. But nothing has changed. If anything, you seem further apart now than ever.

Whilst your heart won't accept that “it's over”, your head is telling you that it's true.

And now you've found this site, because you're desperate enough to consider the possibility that...

Maybe, Just Maybe, Magick Really Works

Imagine if you could just say a few magic words and change the world as you see fit...

A few magic words and your ex-lover calls you to say they're sorry, they made a terrible mistake, they will do anything to be back with you.

A few magic words and the person you are secretly in love with suddenly notices you, for what seems to be the very first time.

A few magic words, and you are united, or re-united, with the person you are so completely in love with. Your life becomes whole and complete.

The Truth About Magic

The truth is, "magic" or "magick", depending on your preference, absolutely does exist. Quite simply, magic is a way to tap into universal energies that exist everywhere in our world.

Anything that can't be explained by science, tends to get called "magic".

As science makes new discoveries, things previously considered magical, suddenly become accepted by all.

If you could travel back in time a few hundred years, with a radio transmitter and receiver, and show a passing horseman how it's possible to talk to somebody many miles away - they would undoubtedly think you possessed incredible magic powers!

Now we accept radio waves as "normal", even though we can't see them. Universal energies are just as real as radio waves, but because scientists haven't found a simple way of demonstrating their existance, most people simply wont accept this fact. The funny thing is, scientists themselves accept that these energies exist, they just haven't found a way to show them to us!

These universal energies are ever present. They connect everything. And you know what? You've already experienced them more times than you can imagine.

Has this ever happened to you...

The Telephone Rings, And You Already Know Who It Is Before You Answer?

I bet that's happened to you more than once, right? The simple act of someone picking up a phone and dialling your number, causes tiny vibrations in the universal energies. If you happen to be "tuned in" to those energies (much like a radio needs to be tuned in to a station), you will pick up that vibration and know who is calling you.

Here's another example that you can probably relate to...

You Find Yourself Thinking About Someone You Haven't Spoken To In Ages, And The Very Next Day They Call You!

The same thing is happening. That person will be thinking to themselves "I must call so and so tomorrow..." The very instant theydecide to take that action, tiny vibrations in the universal energies will "transmit" that decision to you.

Everything is connected.

You know, animals (particularly dogs), are very much in tune with these energies. If you have a dog, you'll know what I mean. Have you ever decided to take your dog for a walk, and then you find them sitting by the door, ready to go? Or you come home and sneak up to the house hoping to suprise your dog, but the dog is waiting by the door for you anyway - like they knew you were coming? That's because they did know!

So how come dogs can tune into these energies easier than we can? The answer is simple. Because they don't ask questions, they just accept it. We have been trained since birth to be logical, to question everything, to need proof before believing something is real. And that blocks out our "receiver" - or as it's more commonly called - our intuition.

Tapping The Energies

If we could somehow tap into these universal energies, imagine the wonderful things we could do!

Everything is connected. So we would be able to communicate with everything. Including "divine intelligence", or of you are a religous person, "God".

In fact, if we could just accept that the energies are there, and that we can use them at will, then we would be able to. But our 21st centuary thinking, our negative belief system, our need for proof, gets in the way. Our head says "this just isn't possible", and so our negative thoughts become the controlling thoughts. Unfortunately, negative energies are much more powerful than positive ones!

So society has developed lots of ways of tapping these energies for positive use. We've created "devices" for channeling energy. One very common device is prayer. Another is meditation.

And other less conventional devices (i.e. less commonly accepted devices), tend to get called "magick" or "spells".

In fact, because spells are performed by people who are, generally speaking, very accepting of the universal truths at work, they are one of the most efficient and effective ways of making the universe work for us.

I've dedicated my life to understanding universal energies, and how to channel them. It's not just a simple case of uttering a quick incantation you read in a weird book somewhere, it's more complex than that.

But it works.

Although you will never have heard of me before, those who have benefited from my spells never forget me.

Putting The Power of Spells To Work

I've helped people from all walks of life, in all sorts of situations. Through my research, I've fixed up relationships, made people rich, helped horses win races, discovered oil fields where none were thought to exist... the list goes on.

I've amassed a knowledge of spellcraft (that is to say, of ways in which I can command universal energies) that is I believe, unsurpassed.

Why This Concerns You

So what has all this got to do with you? That is very simple...

Developing skills of such power, brings great responsibility. It is my responsibility to help others.

I wish I could help everybody. I wish I could create world peace, eliminate famine and create equity for all. But these tasks are huge, and require international efforts. Until a critical mass of people are willing to believe in the power of universal energies, these worldwide problems will continue to exist.

However, I can put my power to good use in helping individuals.

I've made a speciality of relationship spells. Particularly, reuniting couples, and bringing together people who are meant to be together.

And now, thanks to the great reach of the internet, I am able to help more people - people like you.

Hi, Joshua, just writing to say Hello!! and to keep up to dated.  Things with xxxx have improved alot... I shared some time with him this pass weekend and I see a positive change in his actituded.  I am very grateful to you and to God and I wish you the most beautiful blessings a human been can received from God.  I am happy that I made the decision to go with you, you're wonderful....  Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!!
(All testimonials are original & unedited, only names have been removed)

This Isn't For Everyone

If you have tried everything else, and nothing has worked. If you have reached that point of desperation, that point where you are willing to try magic, then maybe I can help you.

I am not one of these phony websites that sells hundreds of "spells for all occasions". By all means try one of those if you want, then when you discover it's a scam, come back here and I might be able to help you.

My time is precious, and my spells are very specific. In fact, I'm only offering to do two different spells - one to repair a broken relationship, and one to bring together two people.

I will not perform these spells for everybody who asks me. There are two conditions:

1) Some people are just not meant to be together, and it wouldn't be right of me to manipulate universal energies to create a situation that isn't meant to be. If you want me to help you, you must truly believe that you are meant to be in a relationship with the person you desire.

2) You must have tried all other means to get together, or back together, with the person you desire. If you have not tried every other reasonable method, please do not ask me to help you. It takes time for me to perform these spells, and so I can only help those who have run out of options.

Just wanted to let you know that all is well. We've been getting along great. He's telling me he loves me again, which i think is really good!! 
(All testimonials are original & unedited, only names have been removed)

UPDATE: I Have Retired

After many years of successfully casting spells and seeing the joy of couples reunite, it is time for me to retire.

But, I don't want to leave you without a way of using the power of magic to get back a lost love.

Fortunately, there is a solution, the Instant Love Spell from Robert Mason and Robin Stone (no relation.)

Robert and Robin havve been around for a couple of years now, and I've watched their work with great interest. In fact, I've made it my business to seek out and talk to as many people as I could, who have used their spells.

It very quickly became clear to me that these two gentlemen know what they are doing. Their casting method is very similar to my own, but instead of them casting a spell for you, they provide a "kit" which lets you cast the spell yourself.

I have purchased this kit and made a thorough analysis, and I am impressed enough to be able to recommend it to you. In fact, it is because the kit is so good, that I feel I can safely enter my retirememt knowing that there exists a suitable alternative to my own service.

To summarize then: I no longer cast spells, but I do highly recommend you visit instantlovespell.com and use the excellent spell kit on offer there. It is the only spell I personally recommend.

Are You Ready To Decide?

If you are convinced that you really should be with the person you desire, and you have tried everything else, please click this link to visit the Robert and Robins site - the only spell I personally recommend.

If you're not ready yet, then that's fine. You should try all avenues before using spells. If everything else fails, you can always come back to Robert & Robin's site in the future.

Wishing you love and happiness,

Joshua Stone

VERY STRANGE!!!!!! The wierdest thing has happened and im not sure if it has to do with the spell or not(I am hoping so).The man I want back has come home due to uncontrollable circumstances!!
(All testimonials are original & unedited, only names have been removed)

Hi Joshua, this is xxxx, I just wanted to tell you thank you for all the info you have on your web page, It is really helpful I've recently been scamed I landed up sending a lady 1300 dollars through western union and  still have no results and she wants 2000 more to complete the work because she said she needs more matrial to complete this . On her web page it said that her work takes 2 days it has now been over 2 months.  I really appreciate the help you are giving me you are truly the best.
(All testimonials are original & unedited, only names have been removed)

bro joshau you casted rapid spell for me on xx-xxx, my husband called me early this afternoon-for the first time in a long time i didnt hear anger in his voice, we even laughed and joked with each other-i actually hear in his voice the man that i wanted to marry, no anger at all-he spoke with my daughter and told her that he loved her.
(All testimonials are original & unedited, only names have been removed)

As I told you I met xxxxx  over 5 months ago and I asked to xxxxxxx to help me,at their website they said the spell would work in 10 days that was in January after I met her because I sent her emails and she didn't answer.
I emailed her yesterday afternoon ...and she answered me after 1 hour I sent her that email that I just read it.It's amazing,she emailed me but I know this is because of the spell you cast to help me,otherwise I can't beleive my eyes she wrote an email to me. Joshua I know the spell you cast is starting to work. Thank you Joshua I know you are a real helper not like the many in the internet that offer to help but they fail.
(All testimonials are original & unedited, only names have been removed)

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